Lornalitz Baez
Credit: Courtesy of Lornalitz Baez

Lornalitz Baez is breaking barriers in the modeling industry. The plus-size model from Los Angeles knew she wanted to be a model since the age of 12 but at that age she says, “wearing a size 12, I was told I had to lose weight in order to have a successful modeling career.”

After dealing with an eating disorder, depression, and yo-yo dieting, Baez is now comfortable in her skin and proving the skeptics wrong appearing in several magazines and walking down runways.

Her latest project? Lornalitz will appear in a new hit reality show with Queen Latifah and celebrity stylist Timothy Snell this upcoming fall.

To get some tips on how to be confident in every size, we spoke with the model herself. Here are Baez's tricks for loving the body you're in.

1. Accept the way God made you.

“Accept yourself entirely because there is only one YOU!”

2. Find inner peace and love for yourself.

“Love yourself first before you can love someone/anything else.”

3. Ignore negative comments aka “The Haters”.

“Tell those people to “take many seats”. You don't have time for their insecurities.”

4. Remind yourself daily that you are a perfect image of how God wanted you to be.

“Give yourself pep talks and encouragement. Sometimes you can't wait on others to tell you what you should already know.”

5. Find a workout routine that you love to do.

“I find working out is a mood regulator. So move your body for happiness and good health.”

6. Surround yourself with like-minded people.

“Keep your circle of friends and family to a minimum of only positive, encouraging, loving people. ”

7. Read books or look up inspirational quotes/stories

“Sometimes listening to someone else's story gives you that extra push to keep positive.”

8. Shop for clothes that make you feel happy.

“Don't focus on what society says you should wear. Wear what makes you feel good.”

9. Pamper yourself! 

“Spoil yourself because you deserve it.”

10. Give back! 

“Share your story, journey and thoughts with others. Become an inspiration to someone.”