Por Isis Sauceda
Updated Enero 19, 2016
Credit: (cortesia de FOX broadcasting Co. de Roselyn Sanchez para 2015 MISS UNIVERSE.

She's an actress, singer, model and entrepreneur, but Roselyn Sánchez's favorite role is playing mom to almost three-year-old Sebella Rose. “The sense of guilt is inevitable,” shares Sánchez, 41, of being a working mother in Hollywood. “Sometimes, my heart aches but, at the same time, I feel better when I'm productive.”

And that she has been. This year alone, Sánchez recorded a new dance song with rapper Flo Rida; starred in Devious Maids (Lifetime Television) and the Spanish-language series Familia en venta (Mundo Fox); designed pieces for a clothing line, Body Language Sports Wear; and worked on a children's book she plans to publish in 2015, all the while continuing her philanthropic work to help kids and animals in her native Puerto Rico. Such a busy year calls for a well-deserved vacation and that's exactly what Sánchez plans to do to close out 2014 and ring in 2015.

What is Christmas like for Sebella Rose with a Puerto Rican mom and an American dad [actor Eric Winter, 38]?

We try to teach her both cultures. Food at home during Christmas is very Puerto Rican. Rice with pigeon peas… pasteles. We celebrate the Three Wise Men. My husband didn't know you have to put fruit in a box under [Sebella's] bed so the camels can eat and the Three Wise Men bring you gifts.

What does Eric's side of the family do?

Her grandmother [Winter's mom] gives her the stocking full of toys and candy. We combine both things, Latin music and Christmas carols, which I find kind of boring. I tell [Eric]: ‘Change the music!'. [Laughs].

What is your end-of-the-year ritual?

I make a list of what I accomplished and what I didn't, what I hope to accomplish. I write it down, then I burn the paper. [Sebella] is too small to do that, but I want her to see that on December 31st, mommy always does that. It's like drawing up a map for my future.