The actress joins the Orange is The New Black cast and is using her talents to deliver a message in the industry. 

Por Thatiana Diaz
Updated Noviembre 02, 2016
Rosal Colon
Credit: Scott Roth/Invision/AP

There's no stopping Rosal Colon, the newest cast member of Orange is The New Black. After auditioning for every season, the Latina actress joined the Netflix show in Season 4 as Ouija, a Dominican inmate transferred from another prison.

Colon shared with Chica how she started in the industry after she literally was born into the theatre —as her mother's water broke on stage during a play. For years, Colon tried to make it in the industry and now, with her career kicking into high gear, the actress hopes to change the perception of body image and of Latinos in Hollywood.

“Acting is not a craft that belongs to one body type, to one physique [or] to one race. Acting is an expression of the universal experience. Universal experience encompasses every single culture, every single color and every single different body,” she says.

Rosal hopes to also be able to empower Latinos to join together and leave their mark in the world. “The Latino community is such a rich community, but we're made to feel like only one of us can make it and that's the biggest misconception,” she tells Chica.

Be sure to watch the interview above to see what else Rosal had to say about Orange is The New Black and her mission to change Hollywood.