The actor is back on the big screen and makes his awaited return as a dashing superhero in the movie Iron Man

Por Ana Paula Ayanegui / NYC
Updated Mayo 07, 2008
Robert Downey Jr.
Credit: Paramount Pictures

In the past, Robert Downey Jr. has made headlines for his troubled personal life, which almost ended his brilliant Hollywood career and even put him behind bars for a while. Now the actor, who seems to have learned his lesson, is a new man who is happily married… and a great dad, according to everyone. Now what's making headlines is his new role in the movie Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr.'s comeback wasn't an easy one. First he had to prove to Hollywood that he was trustworthy again by playing small roles in movies like Good Night, and Good Luck, and Zodiac, among others. Now the renewed actor is in the frontlines again as the star of the new film Iron Man. He chatted with in New York City about this new role and more

The movie reviews have been excellent. Were you expecting that reaction?
Some may say it's only a silly movie about a misogynous guy, but the truth is we tried to do something better than that and our hope was that this would show in the reviews we got. Jon Favreau (the director) and I have been working on this for a long time and we've put all our hearts and efforts into it. Iron Man took up two years of Jon's life and we knew we only had one chance to do this right and that making more movies based on this character would depend on the success of this first one.

Did you feel a lot of pressure during the filming?
We felt pressured but not so much because the movie had to be a big box office hit. We put the pressure on ourselves because we wanted to do something we were satisfied with. Then we went to the comic's convention Comic-Con where we showed four minutes of the movie and the fans went nuts. That's how we knew that our instincts were in the right place.

After this movie, you also filmed “Tropic Thunder”. Do you like big budget films with eight cameras and lots of visual effects?
When I wrapped up the filming of Iron Man I was in Kuwait and that's where I got the offer to make this other movie. So I thought: What should you do after you make the biggest movie of your career? I could hide out for a while, like many actors do, but I didn't want to do that. I knew that this movie was going to be a big hit, so I decided that doing another big project immediately after would be the wisest choice.

Are you ready for all the fame and publicity that “Iron Man” will bring to your life?
I think the best thing will be to run and hide (laughs). I've always thought that the answer to solving the Rubick's cube or the mystery of life is to pretend that you have power and that you control your own life. I didn't make this movie because I thought I should make a franchise movie to solve all my problems. I chose to do it because I thought that Jon (Favreau) and I could do this well, that we had the power to handle it. Sometimes you have to believe in yourself and know that you can do things.