The Puerto Rican singer announces that he expects to become a daddy next year

By People Staff
Updated August 10, 2007
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Ricky Martin may soon become a real papacito. He indicated that next year he'll begin the process to adopt a boy or a girl from every continent.

“I think that in the coming year we'll start a process to create a family of many colors… I want to adopt and do it right, as I don't want any problems or misunderstandings, given that we, artists, are always under public scrutiny. Governments look at us and they tell us, ‘let's see what you can really do.' They think we can manipulate the system to get a quicker adoption,” stated Martin, 35, to the Puerto Rican media.

The singer is currently in Puerto Rico, the enchanted island of his birth, where he's headlining his show Blanco y negro. He added that he doesn't expect to receive special treatment when the time comes to adopt his child. “As an activist I am the first one to believe that governments must be firm when it comes to adopting a child, because anyone can adopt and later exploit that child,” he remarked.