The singer is amazed to have his name on the movie town's Walk of Fame
Ricky Martin

Puerto Rican artist Ricky Martin is about to secure his spot in Hollywood history. On Oct. 16, the singer will get his star on the California movie town's Walk of Fame. “It still hasn't hit me. I can't believe it; it seems like a defense mechanism,” the performer gushed through a press release.

The 35-year-old Martin will be honored for his artistic achievements alongside artists like Matt Damon, Erik Estrada, Mariah Carey and Sean Diddy Combs, who will also get pieces of the sidewalk.

“I'm going to go with the flow of my emotions that day, and a week later I'll take a walk through there at 3 a.m. and take pictures,” commented the artist, who'll be performing that weekend in Anaheim, CA, on his Black & White Tour.

It's been a superstar year for the Puerto Rican singer, who boasts four Latin Grammy nominations for the album MTV Unplugged and the song “Tu Recuerdo.” Martin was also named King of the Puerto Rican Pride Day Parade on June 10 in New York.