In a document signed Jan. 22, the Argentinean lawyer said she feared her husband was going to hit her

Por People Staff
Updated Marzo 18, 2008
Valeria Liberman

Weeks before Valeria Liberman requested a divorce from Cristian Castro, the couple experienced a tense moment in their Coral Gables, FL, residence, and that moment was documented when the Argentinean lawyer called the police.

The information in the document dated Jan. 22 was revealed on El Gordo y la Flaca (Univisión). According to the report, Liberman, 33, said her husband was acting hostile and agitated after coming home from a trip one day early. Castro shouted at his wife and threw two computers on the ground after becoming irritated with two TVs in the house that were acting up. In perhaps the most shocking part of the report, Liberman informed the police that Castro hadn't hit her that day, but that she feared he was going to hit her, as he had done so on a previous occasion.

Liberman filed for divorce from Castro on Feb. 19. The two married on July 31, 2004, in Miami. They have two children: 2-year-old Simone and 3-month-old Mikhail Zaratustra.