While photos unleash rumors about a possible reconciliation between the actors, Peopleenespanol.com gets the scoop

Por People Staff
Updated Agosto 08, 2007

Just a few pictures were enough to get the rumor mill going. After Angélica Vale and Alejandro Ibarra were lauded for their success last week in their Mexico City musical Vaselina (Grease), the actors, 31 and 34, respectively, were seen holding hands, so of course many assumed the one-time love birds were an item again.

“Yes, I already spoke to Alejandro's girlfriend, I keep him for a day and she has him ON another day,” Vale answered, smiling and laughing all the while dispelling rumors about her presumed love affair with Ibarra. “She and I share Alejandro”. And all joking aside, she added: “We love each other like brother and sister, we grew up together. And together we've experienced a lot, on and off stage.”

When she was 12, Vale did indeed have a romance with Ibarra that started when they were both in the same musical they performed last week in Mexico City. That was 19 years ago.

“He is very happy with his girlfriend África Zavala [known for her role in the telenovela “Peregrina”]. She is the one girlfriend of Ibarra that I can say, ‘Yes, this one I like,'” Vale said. “As for me, I have a romance with myself, there's a time for everything.”

So it seems that time, in fact, HAS been good to Vale. After her success in the telenovela La fea más bella, she is planning to record an album, do musicals as well as act in two Mexican movies. “There are many projects, but I don't want get ahead of myself, they'll happen in time and then I'll tell you all about it.”