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April 08, 2008 12:00 PM

Even though she denied it yesterday on RBD’s website, Maite Perroni will in fact be starring in the Spanish-language soap opera Cuidado con el ángel. Singer Pedro Damián confirmed the news and – to the relief of her fans – that Perroni won’t be leaving RBD’s Empezar desde cero tour.

“We are working together as a group so that she can star in the telenovela and also be at the RBD concerts, which are held mostly on the weekends. I think we are going to be able to coordinate easily. She starts shooting in about a week,” Damián explained. “Maite’s participation in the soap might lead people to believe she’s leaving the group, but there’s nothing further from the truth,” he added.

Damián also shot down rumors that the band could be breaking up. “What has to be really clear to fans is that the group will continue, and that they’ll keep working on their own projects while still working with the group,” he said, adding that each member will inevitably become a solo artist in years to come. “In the future, when…each member has a career of his or her own, they’ll be able to do different things based on their personal interests and needs.”

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