Christian Chávez got heated after some heavy questions and a joke about his private life

Por People Staff
Updated Noviembre 14, 2007

RBD member Christian Chávez got irritated when hosts of the radio show Enrique y Joe (La Kalle) questioned him about his private life. According to the show Escándalo TV (Telefutura), the singer left the booth in a huff when questions started to get more intense, exploding when the hosts said on air that the first listener to call in would receive a “baggie of marijuana” from Chávez, 24.

The singer then supposedly made an obscene gesture with his finger, which didn't make host Enrique Santos happy. “If you don't like gossip then don't come on the show, that's no reason to give me the finger…gross, you're not man enough, you shouldn't do that, it's a lack of respect,” he told Chávez while he was walking out.

Minutes after the incident, Chávez, still annoyed, tried to talk into the microphone, but Santos wouldn't let him and asked the rest of the group to leave the booth.

During an interview with El Gordo y La Flaca (Univisión), the singer defended himself, saying that “I've always joked about the situation (his arrest for buying marijuana in New York), but when there's no more respect and people are harsh and direct, yes, I was offended and I felt really bad.”

RBD member Anahí defended Chávez: “Obviously, they mess with a brother and you flip, like we all did, because it was truly a lack of respect. On top of attacking Christian, in a way that I can't understand can exist among humans, they forgot that there were also three women in that studio and they used very strong words.”

RBD is still on tour in the United States promoting their new album Empezar desde cero, on sale Nov. 20.