The co-host of El gordo y la flaca (Univisión) shares his secrets for losing more than 70 pounds.

Por Lena Hansen
Updated Enero 07, 2009
Gio Alma /

Raúl de Molina has had to jump through a lot of hoops in his battle against obesity. He's already lost more than 70 pounds since he started dieting in July 2007. One of the compromises he had to make was to resist the temptation of indulging in Thanksgiving dinner when he traveled to Los Angeles to visit some friends who are gourmet chefs, who prepared a traditional feast for him, including mashed potatoes, champagne, pumpkin pie, and five kinds of stuffing.

“Thanksgiving was hard,” admits his wife Mily de Molina, 48. “Our friends were cooking for three days. We passed by the kitchen, and they were melting butter.” Although the 49-year-old host and author of La dieta del gordo (Grijalbo), admits he ate more than he should have, he quickly returned to the rules set out in The South Beach Diet.

Although he still loves food, De Molina assures that he's learned to order healthier meals at restaurants, to avoid desserts (his weakness) y and to burn 600 calories on the treadmill in only 1 exercise session. “I did it,” he says proudly, “and therefore, anyone can do it.” Now, not only does he feel healthier (he has more energy and he lowered his blood pressure) but he also likes what he sees in the mirror. “Sometimes he gets a little vain, and now he protests when they call him gordo (fat),” jokes Lili Estefan, his co-host on El gordo y la flaca (Univisión). “I jokes with him: Oye Rauli, when you were fatter, you had a better sense of humor. You're getting grouchy.”