Por Thatiana Diaz
Updated Mayo 03, 2016
Yana Paskova/For The Washington Post via Getty Images

Move over organic foods, there is a new food trend and it's magical. Rainbow foods are starting to be made all over the world and people are lining up to get these multi-colored treats.

A study on relationship between color and food conducted in 2015 revealed that eating on colored foods could be making your brain think it's tasting flavors that aren't even there.

No matter what deceptions our brain is giving us, you've got to admit that these foods are fun. Plus, they also make for a good Instagram picture.

For your viewing pleasure and to honor the rainbow frenzy, here are some of the popular rainbow foods and where to get them:

Rainbow Bagels

This is where the era of rainbow foods began. The popular bagel is made in Brooklyn, NY at The Bagel Store, where customers are able to get in different colors and patterns.

Rainbow Grilled Cheese

This might the best rainbow creation to exist. The different colors make up different flavors like basil being the green and tomato being the red. How genius is that? The trend has reached London (Grill My Cheese) but orginated in KALA Toast in Hong Kong.

Rainbow Coffee

What's a caffeine fix without some color in it? Coffee artist Mason Pressley Salisbury took a little twist on this art trend. With just one email, Mason could be at your next event with these creations.

Rainbow Sushi

Located in the UK, the restuarant Bukushi puts a twist on this delicious food.

Rainbow Pancakes

Located in Union Square Park in New York City, the resturant The Pavilion makes any birthday special with these colorful pancakes.