The Argentinean woman says the engaged reggaeton star likes sadomasochism; he denies the story
Don Omar

Latin celebrities keep hitting us with more scandals. An Argentinean prostitute claims that Don Omar paid her to have sex with him, even though he's engaged to Jackie Guerrido.

The woman, named Natalia, was interviewed on the program Al rojo vivo (Telemundo) and said the incident happened three weeks ago, when the 29-year-old reggaeton star was in Buenos Aires.

According to Natalia, who described Don Omar as “a sexual machine, well-equipped and that he likes to have control,” after the first meeting, he asked for a second night of relations, this time with an extra woman. She claims that while they were fooling around in bed, the Puerto Rican artist was drinking champagne. “This person is very demanding, oral sex, he has a thing for sadomasochism,” the prostitute added.

Don Omar defended himself in a press release, saying that the story was completely untrue. “I've never had to pay for sex and have never seen these women, I've never even exchanged words with them,” he said.