What went on behind the scenes during Univision's youth award show? Find out here

Por Lena Hansen
Updated Julio 20, 2007

Although the show was not lacking in special effects and memorable musical numbers, some of the most interesting moments of the night happened behind the scenes, on the award show's purple carpet and in the press room, where many of the celebs who rocked the show went on to face the media. Here's the scoop on what you didn't see on TV.

One of the stars who caused the biggest commotion on and off stage was Enrique Iglesias. The “Dímelo” singer appeared backstage wearing jeans, a white hoodie and a khaki hat, and started flirting with reporters who bombarded him with racy questions like, “What were you whispering into your girlfriend's ear Ana Kournikova?” his tongue and cheek response: “What's going on here? Ladies, are you in heat?”

– Dayanara Torres also caused quite a commotion. About her reported relationship with Amaury Nolasco, the actress and former Miss Universe smiled and said: “I am going through a really beautiful time in my life. I am happy, content… Let things flow. I don't know what's going to happen.” Later pressured by the press to clear up the nature of her relationship with the Puerto Rican actor she added, “I can't say that he is my boyfriend. We are good friends, we go out.”

– Minutes later, Christian Castro arrived wearing a white mexican cowboy suit and screaming, “Ajúuuua!” Castro carried his daughter Simone down the event's purple carpet and tenderly caressed wife Valeria's growing baby bump. The couple, who is expecting a son, was happy that they would soon have the “little pair.” When asked about possible baby names, the singer said he liked the name “Vicente Manuel” or a very Mexican name like “Cuauhtémoc”. Hopefully, he was kidding.

– Alejandro Fernández also stopped by to say hello and said he was on the mend from the pneumonitis that sent him to the hospital. “I am not 100 percent yet. If I get a little worked up, my oxygen flow goes down a bit and I get fatigued, but I feel better now,” he confessed. He added he is happy with current girlfriend Ayari Anaya and proud of his children, who share his love for music and who he affectionately called his “five little puppies.”

– Daddy Yankee said that he had sent a shout out to the Cuban people during the broadcast because he had recently received a letter from a fan on the island that had moved him. “We know the situation that they're going through down there, the oppression that they live in,” he said. When asked about his faithfulness, the very married reggaetón singer responded laughing, “Faithful to music, totally.”

– Beto Cuevas, the former vocalist of the now defunct Chilean rock group La Ley, announced that he would soon launch his own solo CD. He also added that in the last couple of years that he's been away from the stage, he has dedicated himself to his family and to painting, a skill he developed even before he started “singing in the shower.” The rock singer said he hopes to showcase his work in an upcoming exhibit.

– Mexican actress Ana de la Reguera also has stayed busy taping the HBO series Cappadocia about a women's prison. ON her romance with Univisión anchorman Jorge Ramos, with whom she recently vacationed in Greece, the actress nixed the possibility of living with him for the moment. “I live in Los Angeles and he lives in Miami… For now, we are fine with the way things are.”

– Mexican actor Rafael Amaya gushed about his girlfriend, actress Ana Layevska, praising her strong Russian character. “A woman who doesn't have a bad temper from time to time, is not a woman,” he said.

– A few budding couples also made an appearance on the purple carpet like Univisión Weather Presenter Jackie Guerrido and reggaetón singer Don Omar (elegant in matching white and holding each other's hands); and Dominican model and former Miss Universe Amelia Vega with her latest catch “a ‘divine Colombian' named Rolan,” whom she casually met in her building's elevator.