The authorities closed down the Mexican actor's restaurant for violating safety regulations

Por People Staff
Updated Octubre 27, 2008
Credit: Mezcalent

Plutarco Haza está pasando un mal rato luego de que las autoridades mexicanas le cerraran su restaurante en la colonia Condesa de Ciudad de México por supuestamente carecer de medidas de seguridad. Sin embargo, en entrevista con Notimex, el actor mexicano consideró que la orden le parece injusta.

“The truth is that I don't know what's behind this. It seems absurd to me,” said the 36-year-old actor. ” We have a license. We presented it to them, and they didn't care,” he said.

Ludwika Paleta's ex assured that he follows safety regulations: “We have emergency exits, extinguishers, we conduct fire alarm tests.”

“It's horrible because we're not only losing our clients, but our employees are suffering as well. Hopefully this will all be resolved soon…we'll have to see what can be done so far as legal remedies go.