Matthew Schulman
Credit: Matthew Schulman MD

Plastic surgeries are in with the old but surgeons are out with the new in the world of social media by posting procedures on Snapchat. With more than seven billion videos shared through the app daily, a growing number of patients are choosing to bare-all.

NYC Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Matthew Schulman is a part of the new craze and has gained thousands of followers. “I was looking for a way to share plastic surgery experiences with the general public. There is a lot of misinformation out there about plastic surgery, and this represents a great way to educate the public in real time,” said Schulman.

With about 90% of his patients willing to share their story on Snapchat with written consents, Schulman is able to post a video on a daily basis. “If I don't post, I usually get a few dozen messages from my viewers asking why I am not broadcasting. I feel an obligation to show my story every day,” he said.

One of Dr. Schulman's patients Yolanda chose to have her mommy makeover surgery posted after following his Snapchat for almost a year. “I thought it was a great idea since it helped me decide to get surgery,” said the 32-year-old patient. “I knew that there were other people who could benefit from my story.”

Although Yolanda watched her surgery as soon as she got home, her husband watched the procedure on Snapchat while sitting in the waiting room, which Schulman feels is “helpful and comforting” for family members of patients as they follow along.

With nearly half a million views a day for Dr. Schulman, this new social media trend will continue to grow with patients wanting to learn.