A U.S. promoter demands that the singer pay him $750 thousand dollars for not showing up to various concert venues

Por People Staff
Updated Septiembre 16, 2008
Credit: Mezcalent

Pepe Aguilar might have to pay $750 thousand dollars to a promoter in Salt Lake City, UT, who's accusing him of defamation and failure to meet his contractual obligation, and negligence.

According to AP, the promoter Eddie Serrato filed the claim against 40-year-old Mexican singer last Friday in a Los Angeles, CA court. According to the claim, Aguilar did not show up for two concerts–one in Boise, ID, and another in Salt Lake City, UT– that were scheduled for the month of August.

Aguilar allegedly decided not to show up as people were arriving to his concert in Boise, which affected the sales of his Salt Lake City concert. Serrato also claims that the singer canceled various radio and TV appearances, and failed to promote the ticket sales of his concerts.

The promoter claims that the singer kept the $6,500 that were given to him for his concert in Boise, which he never showed up to.

PeopleEnEspanol.com attempted to contact the artist's reps in Mexico, but they could not be reached for comment.