After winning our sweepstakes "Searching for the sexiest man," Eduardo Rodríguez reconnected with his father

Por People Staff
Updated Diciembre 05, 2008
Credit: Cortesía: Xioger Sandoval

When Eduardo Rodríguez, a Mexican immigrant living in New York, registered for our sweepstakes Searching for the Sexiest Man on People En, he was motivated by his two big dreams: to find his father, whom he had not seen in 20 years, and to make it as a renowned actor and model.

The first of his wishes is already a reality. Thanks to the fact that one of his sisters watched his story on television during an interview the 24-year-old –with Ernesto Sánchez, editor of this website– gave the Mexican journalist Carlos Loret de Mola of the news program Primero noticias (First, the news) (Televisa), his father Eduardo Chaidez finally found the kid he had not seen since 1988.

“My God, my emotions are so high that I can't even express what I feel, but what is clear to me is that I am happy. My dream has come true, and now all that remains is to be able to see my father in person, give him a hug and tell him how much I love him, and how much I have needed him all these years,” said the young Mexican immigrant. He added he has already talked on the phone with his 44-year-old father, and when he heard his voice, he got so nervous that he was speechless.

“He said to me: ‘Hi, Lalo, I'm your father,' and at that moment I didn't know whether to scream with happiness or to cry of emotion. I remained silent for about half a minute while he kept asking if I could hear him,” said the winner of our sweepstakes, who, after that conversation, learned a few things he didn't know. He has seven other siblings; his father lives in Tamaulipas, Mexico, where he drives a trailer; his grandparents and uncles live in Houston, TX; and now he can affirm with certainty that “when somebody wants something in life, if he fights for it, he gets it.”

“Also, the beauty of it was to know that Daniela, my older sister, whom I didn't know, was also looking for me, and she even told me that in the school of her two children they have posted the big photo of the magazine cover up on the honor roll bulletin board,” said Eduardo Rodríguez, who expressed his gratitude to us for having helped him realize his dream.

And while the youngster says he is thrilled, his father says that he is happy beyond measure. “Thank God we have found each other again and I now feel, more than ever, a strong desire to live,” said Rodríguez's father, adding that, besides being very handsome, he can tell that his son is a great man.

“Sometimes I would try to imagine what Lalo looked like, but I couldn't picture him. And when I saw him on the Televisa news program, I felt very proud not only of seeing him looking so good, but I also noticed that he has a noble heart and that he is a good kid,” said Chaidez, his voice breaking. He says he hopes to complete his visa process to be able to visit his son, give him a hug, tell him that he loves him with all of his heart, and “ask him for forgiveness for not giving him all that he deserved.”