Por Thatiana Diaz
Updated Abril 19, 2016
Social Media
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Social media can be frustrating at times and not because of the constant updates or random viral videos but because of the users. The ones who rant, the ones who overly use hashtags— we've seen them all. To remind you why you question the reason you follow these folks, here are the people who you love to hate on social media:

The ranters (or the ‘Kanye Wests')

As interesting as they make social media sometimes, they can become overwhelming if it's an ongoing thing. These rants are usually a result of anger and go on longer than anyone could ever expect. We know that society or your parents can upset you but you're better off buying a diary.

New parents

I have no shame in admitting it— cool it down with the baby pictures. We all love babies but we don't want his/her photo album in our timeline. Welcoming a newborn is irreplaceable memories so drop the phone and go enjoy your new family member.

Hashtag abusers

I still don't understand why social media channels don't have hashtag limits yet. #This #Is #Not #Cool #If #Its #Your #Entire #Caption. We understand it helps people find your picture or categorizes it… whatever it is… it's #obnoxious.


Quotes are great especially to inspire others but there are those who overly share quotes and even find ways to share them on photos. There Facebook has a new quote every morning and don't get me started on their Twitter. Where do they find the time to search up all of that?

The trolls

I'm not talking about the trolls from fairy tales. I'm talking about the social media users who just go up and down their timeline and hardly post anything but like and retweet almost everything they see. These people are probably sitting on the toilet or lying in bed with nothing to do, well that's what I assume.

Those against spell check

Social media is meant to be quick… I get it but let's be real, make it readable. Nobody wants to spend minutes of his or her day deciphering what weird language you just wrote in, when in fact it was English. These users love to make words as short as possible with thx and tons of acronyms.

Photo repeater

Sometimes it's really hard to choose a selfie. Sometimes we can't decide what vacation picture to put. Word of advice: choose one. You know exactly who I am talking about— the ones who post 10 selfies within one hour with the same clothing, same background and nearly same pose. Imagine how terrible our timelines would be if nobody chose just ONE selfie?

The bragger

A+. New car. Big paycheck. Designer handbag. It's all been on my timeline thanks to the braggers. It's exciting to get fancy new things or make accomplishments happen but I always remember the quote, “Let success make the noise for you.” Nobody wants to be seen as a show-off.

The predators

Go to your personal messages on any social media, there is likely more than one predator. Those are the catfish individuals who try to get you to talk to them or send you weird emojis. Avoid those at all costs unless you have friends in common.

The heartbroken

These are the rulers of subliminal messages with the lyrics, sad pictures, etc. They have heartbroken written all over each and every one of their posts. Again, this is where a diary would come in handy. I know that you might be trying to make your ex feel bad or be victimized but how much better is revenge that solely involves you being happy and healthy.

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