The magazine has exclusive rights to pictures of Max and Emme, available on newsstands Friday

Por People Staff
Updated Marzo 19, 2008
Jennifer López, Max & Emme
Credit: PEOPLE

On Friday, Mar. 21, PEOPLE will introduce the world to Jennifer López and Marc Anthony's twins,Max and Emme. The magazine has exclusive rights to the photos, which can be seen this Friday in the latest issue of PEOPLE.

“We are thrilled that the world will see these images for the first time in PEOPLE magazine,” said managing editor Larry Hackett. “This is exactly what our readers expect from PEOPLE – beautiful, intimate portraits of the world's biggest celebrities.”

In addition to a 12-page spread of never-before-seen pics, the issue will include an exclusive at-home interview at the couple's Long Island, NY, home, where they discussed everything from JLo's weight gain to infertility rumors.

“She's looking great. She gained 45 to 50 pounds during the pregnancy, but she wanted to do that, because she had twins [and] she wanted to get those twins big. She's lost a lot of the weight, but she's in no rush to lose all of it. She's enjoying motherhood, and that's what she's concentrating on,” said PEOPLE deputy managing editor Peter Castro, who conducted the interview with the new parents.

López and Anthony have two baby nurses, but that doesn't mean they're not spending quality time with their newborns. “They do a lot of the work themselves. They're up until six [a.m.] feeding the babies, taking care of the babies. They do not want to leave them. They are so attached right now,” Castro explained.

When asked how JLo is enjoying motherhood, Castro added, “She describes it as the most magical time in her life. She said you can win an Oscar, you can win a Golden Globe…but when you have a kid, all of that is irrelevant.”