See who the magazine picked as the stars of the year!

Por People Staff
Updated Noviembre 06, 2008
PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL Diciembre/Enero 2008, portada
Credit: People En Espanol

In its latest issue of “The Best and Worst of 2008, PEOPLE en Español magazine, which hits newsstands on November 10, picks the most famous celebs who've achieved star of the year status. The cover features Shakira, who is considered our “Humanitarian of the Year” for all of her charity work with impoverished children through her own foundation Pies Descalzos and Latin America in Solidarity (ALAS). “What's most important how much we can give, it's how,” said Shakira in an exclusive interview. “There are people sometimes who help the most just by giving a few words of encouragement, a priceless gesture of love towards a child, which is more valuable than donating money with indifference.” The singer learned about poverty early on when her family went bankrupt, and her parents showed her that they were far better off than most families who lived harsh lives and orphans who would whiff gasoline and chemicals to forget their hunger and misery. “We had a comfortable life, and then one day I was shown something else. From that day on, I became obsessed to vindicate my family, my family's economic situation, and to one day help those kids that I saw on the streets,” says the singer. PEOPLE en Español picks the Puerto Rican singer Chayanne as Actor of the Year for his role as a vampire in the miniseries “Gabriel and Mexican star Edith González as Actress of the Year for her upcoming role in the soap Doña Bárbara. “Edith is an icon of Latin American television,” says her costar Christian Meier. Ricky Martin picked up the Father of the Year award for the birth of his twins, while Araceli Arámbula snagged Mother of the Year. Other stars of the year include Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi and composer Marco Antonio Solís. Jennni Rivera snags the Indestructible Star of the Year, for facing all of her hardships this year with incredible grace and poise.