The Spanish filmmaker wants his muse and Antonio Banderas to star in his next film.

Pedro Almodóvar has become a lucky charm for the beautiful Penélope Cruz. While the pair collected praise and awards right and left for their film Volver, now the filmmaker announced in Warsaw, Poland that both will return to work together on her next project.

The new film is entitled La Piel Que Habito, and the filmmaker from La Mancha says, “it will be a very tough film, one of those that disturbs you,” according to what the producer said to the Spanish press. Almodóvar assures that his star already knows the script and that he has already thought out the opening shot of the film. “Since then I've had cold sweats at night,” he maintains.

For her part, Cruz told Variety magazine that she would “absolutely love” to work with the director again. Meanwhile, Agustín Almodóvar, brother of the filmmaker and producer, said that “first he will confirm that the project is ready and then he will confirm the cast,” which could include Antonio Banderas as co-star.

Almodóvar broke the news at the end of the presentation of the European Film Awards held in the Polish capital. There, the Spaniard and his muse both received awards as Best Filmmaker and Best Actress for the film Volver. The film took five of the six statuettes for which it was nominated, and is still a favorite for the major awards season of the cinema, which is coming up.