After a decade in Hollywood, the actress announced that she will not film for the rest of the year to devote herself to her private life
Penelope Cruz
Credit: getty images

Just unpacked from a weekend on the French Riviera, Penélope Cruz announced at a press conference that she plans to give herself a break from her hectic professional life. She gave the news after introducing Bandidas, her movie with Salma Hayek, in Madrid.

The 32-year-old actress maintained that after a decade of intense work in Hollywood, she needs “a little time to live,” for which reason she will not return to filming until the end of this year “at least.” Cruz's most recent project was shooting the film Manolete, alongside the Oscar winner Adrien Brody, which completed shooting a few weeks ago in Alicante, Spain.

Cruz recounted her recent path and maintained that working “like a little ant” for her countryman, filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar, has been “the best experience” in her career as well as “traveling the world and discovering other cultures.” Now, the lady will devote herself to her private life and her friendships.

It could very well be that her decision to rest comes from her failed romance with Matthew McConaughey, with whom she broke up in June this year. Since the reasons for the breakup were “their hectic schedules,” and that they spent “too much time apart,” according to what they themselves stated in a communiqué to PEOPLE.