The Spanish actress announced in Cannes that she is working on two films with her new company
Penélope Cruz
Credit: getty images

In the middle of the premier of Volver at the Cannes Festival, Penelope Cruz announced this Friday that she will soon debut as movie producer with 88, the company that she just established for that purpose. Her first project will be the Indian movie Passion, based on the novel by the Spaniard Javier Moro, for which she recently acquired the rights.

“It is the first time I am going to produce. This summer I began to think about being a director,” the Spaniard announced at a press conference, adding that Passion's soundtrack will be in English and that the scenes will be filmed in Spain, France and India. The Spaniard also reported that her second project will be written and directed by another of her compatriots, Fernando Trueba, who directed her 14 years ago in Belle Epoque, the film that launched her to fame.

“I am very stubborn, something that in other aspects is bad, but in production, I believe that it will help me,” Matthew McConaughey's girlfriend commented, according to reports from the EFE agency. Cruz, who currently is filming Manolete alongside the Oscar winner, Adrien Brody, took the opportunity to comment on her satisfaction in returning to Spanish cinema with Volver, along with her friend, Pedro Almodovar. “One of the reasons I became an actress was to work with him. He has been the important figure in my life.” That is also what the critics appear to think.