The duo has decided to "take a break as a couple," according to what was announced in a press release to PEOPLE

Penélope Cruz and Matthew McConaughey have decided, “to take a break as a couple,” according to what was reported in a communiqué sent to PEOPLE magazine. “Due to their hectic schedules and that they spend so much time apart, both decided four weeks ago that a separation at this time is best,” read the jointly prepared document.

“They are very good friends, but are not able to be together,” a source close to Cruz commented to the magazine. “Who knows what the future holds for them.” Apparently, for the Spanish actress it has been very difficult seeing her boyfriend only every six weeks – for while Cruz has spent the greater part of this year in Europe promoting Volver and filming Manolete, the actor has been on this side of the Atlantic shooting We Are Marshalls in West Virginia. The last time that the pair was seen together was taking a stroll in Alicante, Spain, where McConaughey traveled to visit Pe, who was filming Manolete there with Adrien Brody.

Cruz, 32 years old, and McConaughey, 36, met over two years ago on the set of the film Sahara that premiered last year. Since then, they have devoted themselves to traveling the globe on promotional and pleasure trips. The pair still has the upcoming premier of their second film together: The Loop, which was filmed in September of 2005. Let's see if they are spotted together again for the premiere.