The former Kumbia All Starz singer said the producer stopped paying his salary

Por People Staff
Updated Marzo 14, 2008
PeeWee de Kumbia All-Starz

Pee Wee has finally spoken out about why he left Kumbia All Starz and ended his professional relationship with AB Quintanilla.The reason? Money, the singer told the program Don Francisco Presenta (Univisión).

“Things started to get difficult because at one point it was said that I was leaving the group and going to become a solo artist. That news was mounting, but I just said I had plans to be a solo artist in the future, and AB seemed annoyed by this,” the 24-year-old explained.

The former Kumbia All Starz singer also revealed the reasons behind his falling out with Quintanilla. “I went to Mexico, because we were going to do a promotional tour for the new album. We were anxious to know when we were going to get paid for the recordings we did. We were given a date, but a lot of time had already passed,” Pee Wee said, adding that AB never paid him. “We were told that none of us were necessary [to the band], that we were all replaceable.”

According to the vocalist, he instantly realized the consequences of his actions when his mother was thrown out of the house Quintanilla had provided for them in McAllen, TX. “My mom called me and told me that AB's new manager had called her saying that she had 24 hours to leave the house,” Pee Wee said choked up, adding that his mom had to move in with another one of her kids. “That hurt me, because my mom means everything to me.”