While close friends of the Golden Girl swear she's expecting, some sources say no. Peopleenespanol.com tries to solve the puzzle

Por People Staff
Updated Septiembre 12, 2007
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The rumors began Aug. 17, and the press blew it up from there. After four months of marriage with Spanish businessman Nicolás Vallejo-Nágera, Paulina Rubio was supposedly pregnant.

That same day we got in contact with her publicist, Joe Bonilla, who assured us that “the rumors aren't true, because if they were, they would have told me I was going to be an uncle.”

We figured it would end there, but conflicting stories brought us to a confusing standstill. Most close friends were saying yes, while her publicist, husband and another close friend were saying no. Our head was beginning to hurt, so we separated the pieces of the puzzle in search of the truth about the 33-year-old singer.

THE PUBLICIST Joe Bonilla has repeatedly told Peopleenespanol.com that the Golden Girl is not expecting.

THE SOCIALITE (FRIEND?) A week after rumors had calmed down, a close friend of Pau, Mexican socialite Liliana Sada, told a local TV program that the “Ni una sola palabra” singer was “a few months pregnant; I'm not exactly sure how many, but she's very happy.”

THE HUSBAND A week after Sada's statement, Nicolás Vallejo-Nágera himself tried to put an end to the rumors. He told Mexican media source Ritmo that he didn't understand why there was so much speculation. “Pau still hasn't gotten pregnant because of her many work obligations that she has from now until December,” the businessman said.

THE FAMOUS FRIEND Coco Levy, son of Talina Fernández and one of the Golden Girl's closest friends, was responsible for complicating the enigma that Pau's husband had resolved. “As far as I know, she's pregnant. I think that she was missing this experience, she's a great woman who has lived many important things; that she has the opportunity to do it now is excellent,” he stated last Monday. What's going on here?

“THE SOURCE” A source very close to the “Siempre tuya desde la raíz” singer told exclusively to Peopleenespanol.com that “Paulina is definitely not pregnant (…) at her last show, which was last weekend in Mexico, she was drinking tequila and saying that she didn't understand why that ‘friend' had started the rumor.”

BRUTAL HONESTY There are also the very opinionated (or perhaps sensible) ones who say Paulina hasn't yet confirmed the pregnancy because she has an agreement with a Mexican magazine and, because of a contract, she can't say anything until the news hits the cover. Could that be why her “friends” can't keep their mouths shut?

So who's telling the truth? We do know one thing for sure: “Yes, they want to have a baby,” the source says. But the source also insists that “there's still no pregnancy.” Only the months will tell. But she was seen drinking tequila…You'll have to draw your own conclusions.