The Mexican singer will perform at the Latin Gala to celebrate the inauguration of the new president

By People Staff
Updated January 06, 2009 11:00 AM
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Mexican singer Paulina Rubio will sing at the Latin Gala on January 18 in Washington D.C. along with Puerto Rican crooner Marc Anthony to celebrate the inauguration of U.S. president elect Barack Obama.Other singers and celebrities attending the event include Mariachi Los Camperos de Nati Cano, Rosario Dawson, Tony Plana, War, Cucu Diamantes, and Yerba Buena.Paulina Rubio, who told a Miami radio station that she had voted for Obama back in November, was also active in the 2004 Democratic Convention, where she endorsed John Kerry for the Latin vote."It's inspiring to have to many talented Latinos unite to celebrate the 44th president of the U.S. in this historic year," said Esther Aguilera, president of the Congressional Hispanic Committee (CHCI)."This will be a great way to demonstrate the musical and cultural achievements of the Latin community," added Ramona Martínez, president of la CND's Hispanic committee.