The ex Garibaldi confessed to that she isn't looking for love, and that her real focus is on helping those in need

Por People Staff
Updated Junio 19, 2008

As if taking a cue from Bono, Shakira and Ricky Martin, the actress Paty Manterola is taking on some intense altruistic challenges to help marginalized children in Mexico. Manterola, along with other celebrities such as Mónika Sánchez, Mariana Ávila, among other, has spent the past six months promoting her foundation, Bajo Una Estrella (Under A Star). “It's been a real dream to give a voice to the needs of my country,” said a proud Manterola. “This foundation is my life's work and the reason why I'm on this planet.”

This doesn't mean that the singer has neglected her professional side, because this year the exuberant Mexican is ready to conquer Hollywood, Salma Hayek style. “The film The Perfect Game premiered in Los Angeles,” says the protagonist of Apuesta por un Amor. (Bet On Love). “It's a true and inspiring story based on a baseball game, which happened in 1957, with a baseball team made up of kids.”

Coupled with this, the “Let me fly” singer will record her new album this year, which will slated for a release in early 2009. “I want to continue doing many projects for my fans, but ones that leave a good taste in my mouth,” she says.

And do love and kids fall by the wayside? Manterola didn't have much to say on the topic: “At this moment, I'm single and happy. I don't know what plans God has for me, but as of now, I'm not with anyone,” she said to “I think more about having a family, and having a partner so that we can share a family together, not just about the maternity part.”