She'll have an English-speaking role in the indy feature The Perfect Game
Patricia Manterola
Credit: Getty Images

Mexican actress Patricia Manterola, an ex-member of the hugely successful 80s Mexican pop group, Garibaldi, will appear on the big screen on April 19th, 2008 in The Perfect Game, directed by William Dear.

The film chronicles the true story of the first Mexican baseball teamto win the Minor League World Championship in 1957. Manterola, 35, will play María del Refugio, one of the ballplayer's mothers.

“I always knew that sooner or later an opportunity such as this wouldcome my way,” Manterola told the LA's La Opinión newspaper. “When the producers contacted me over a year ago I knew that my prayers had been heard. Not losing hope helped me maintain my self-confidence during the time it took for the project to take shape,”.

“This is without a doubt the best English-speaking role of my career. I feel happy and content knowing that my American film career has evolved upwards,” she added.