Some prisoners are said to be upset at the rich hotel heiress because they believe authorities will give her preferential treatment
Paris Hilton
Credit: getty images

Admitting she was scared, Paris Hilton changed her Guccis and designer duds for prison-issue garb when she began serving her 23-day sentence at a Los Angeles jail for violating probation and driving drunk.

According to the Reuters news agency, Paris, 26, has been behind bars since Sunday, June 3rd, two days ahead of the court-imposed deadline to turn herself in. Her lawyer, Richard Hutton, picked her up from her parents' house and, along with her mother, Kathy and sister Nicky, took her to a women's correctional facility in Lynwood, CA.

Now, the wealthy hotel-chain heiress will only have one hour to shower, make phone calls and watch TV. “This is an important point in my life, and I need to take responsibility for my actions,” Hilton said, according to her lawyer.

“During the past few weeks I have had a lot of time to think and have come to realize I made some mistakes,” the socialite acknowledged.

Hours before arriving in prison, the millionaire heiress attended the MTV Movie Awards gala, where she obviously enjoyed the flashes of photographers' cameras on the red carpet.

Hilton will be held in the celebrity and high-profile detainee unit, apart from the general jail population, according to authorities.

Prisoners upset about Paris' arrival

Some prisoners held in the facility where Paris Hilton is serving time are very upset at her, said a woman who was recently released from that jail, according to Mexican newspaper Reforma.

Susannah Johnson, who was released Saturday after spending a day at the facility, said that the prisoners were upset at Hilton because they believe authorities are carving out a special place for the actress at the expense of other detainees, who are serving their time in crowded conditions in the 2,200-bed correctional facility.

“The only advice I could give her when she comes is to shut her mouth and do the time,” the 35-year-old ex con said.