It's no joke. One day after being released from jail, the heiress was once again taken into custody and this time around, she will serve her original 45-day sentence
Paris Hilton

One day after being freed — following 72 hours behind bars– Paris Hilton, returned to prison on Friday. The judge's order came at a hearing requested by the Los Angeles city attorney.

Hilton, 26, returned to the Century Regional Detention Center in Lynwood, CA, a women's facility, to serve her original 45-day sentence, not the 23-day reduced sentence she had been granted due to prison overcrowding.

This all took place a day after the Sheriff's Department placed Hilton under house arrest for “unspecified medical reasons,” which unleashed a power struggle between the city attorney and police authorities, reports the AFP news agency. reports that the famous socialite was taken out of the courtroom crying after she was ordered to return to jail: “It's not right!” she cried.

During the court proceedings, Hilton was accompanied by her mother Kathy and father Rick Hilton, who tried to console her after hearing the judge's ruling.

Through her attorneys, the young heiress tried to avoid attending the hearing in which Superior Court Judge Michael Sauer — the very same magistrate who sentenced her to 45 days in prison on May 4th — decided to send her back behind bars.