The photographer who snapped the former Miss Universe sunbathing topless with an Italian businessman said he didn't mean to hurt anyone
Cecilia Bolocco

Ángel Mora, the man behind the controversial images of a topless Cecilia Bolocco with Italian entrepreneur Luciano Marocchino, apologized to all those who may have been hurt by the scandal. He also said there are other, more incriminating images of the 42-year-old former beauty queen with her friend.

“I apologize to anybody I may have hurt. I don't like to go around harming anyone. My job is to photograph stars,” Mora said on a Chilean TV show. His images led Bolocco's husband, former Argentinean President Carlos Menem, 76, to announce that he and the Chilean star have been separated for some time now.

Despite his apology, the photographer stated that there are othershots of Bolocco that would confirm her romance with Marocchino. “I haven't shown them to anyone,” he said, adding that they will likely come to light in three months.

The alleged existence of photos that are even more compromising than the ones already published has led to all kinds of speculation. A journalist from Chilevisión television station said she was able to see the images, but that the station would not broadcast them due to their highly erotic nature. Mora, however, denied showing them to her. Nonetheless, the seed of doubt was planted.