The first singer on Ricky Martin's independent music label presents his new album, Música, in the United States. Listen to his first single, "Tú eres música" and learn more about this handsome Italian singer/songwriter.

Por People Staff
Updated Julio 30, 2008
Paolo Meneguzzi
Credit: RM Entertainment Group

When Ricky Martin heard the Italian Paolo Meneguzzi sing for the first time in the 2007 San Remo Festival in Italy, the Puerto Rican star was so overwhelmed that he became his musical mentor. The 31-year-old singer/songwriter will be represented in the United States by RM Entertainment, a new division of RP Enterprises, a label headed by Martin specifically created to handle and manage artists, concerts, and multimedia projects.

Besides the all-out support of Martin, Meneguzzi's success is backed by more than 10 years of experience –he started his career in 1996 in the Viña del Mar Festival in Chile– and eight albums: five in Italian and three in Spanish. He is now making his U.S. debut with his new all-Spanish disc titled Música, which includes his first single, “Tú eres música”. This is indeed an album loaded with love and pain.

Click here to listen to “Tú eres música”
Learn more about Meneguzzi, who spoke to in an exclusive interview about this new musical release.

What makes this album different?
This is a CD that talks about me, brings forth my music, my style, a style I call Rock & B because it's a mix of rock and R&B. And it's a disc of love, a romantic album. I like to talk about the things that happen in life, to young people, the beautiful things that make you fall in love, make you suffer, but that also make you live. It's something genuine, human, about simple things, not made up, not fake. I believe this disc has been truly dictated by the heart, word by word,.

What does “Tú eres música” mean?
It's the most passionate song I've ever written. I wrote it just after learning to play the piano. These were the first chords I played. It's practically an encore from beginning to end. It's magical. The lyrics are full of passion because I draw a parallel between music and the woman I was in love with when I wrote the song. And it's strong because I compare what I love the most in life, which is music, with the woman I loved the most at the time.

What is your favorite song of the album?
All these songs are like my own children. of course, “Mírame a los ojos”, means a lot to me because I sang it in the San Remo Festival and it was a great hit in Italy. Also “Julia”, which speaks of a girl who gets. I try to give her advice, although I know that giving advice may be wrong because she's going to have to want to change first. And there are other tracks that are more upbeat, more playful, like “Te amo te odio” or “Ciertofalso.

Who are your musical icons?
Michael Jackson, Madonna, Usher, Justin Timberlake. Among the Latinos, I have a lot, Ricky Martin, Luis Miguel, Alejandro Sanz, Shakira and Maná.

Where do you want to go with your music?
Wherever my music wants me to be.