Despite the fact that he passed a second drug test, the singer must return to court in August

By People Staff
Updated June 23, 2008

This past Monday, a Miami judge congratulated Pablo Montero for passing a second drug test and for successfully attending rehab. However, the Mexican singer's hopes of having his case closed were dashed when the judge assigned a new date for him to reappear in court next month, reports Notimex.

According to sources, judge Jeffrey Rosinek was pleased by the results of the 34-year-old singer's second drug test, but warned him that the world of entertainment was full of people involved in drugs. “My recommendation is that you be careful with your friends, because they could be your worst enemies,” said the judge.

However, upon leaving the courthouse, the Fuego en la sangre (Univisión) actor replied to the judge's comment by saying “I think responsibility lies solely with the individual and not necessarily with anyone else.”

Moreover, the artist denied rumors that have circulated in the press that he continues to consume alcohol. “The press is the press, but tests are something else,” said the actor. Before the hearing, Montero's lawyer Howard Sebrinick, was relying on evidence showing the singer's recovery process to convince the judge to close the case against Montero, despite the fact that last February tests showed traces of alcohol, cocaine and marijuana in the actor's body. However, on Monday afternoon, the judge ruled that Montero would have to appear in court again on August 11 to view a complete report of all the drug tests the actor has taken while in rehab.

The “Cruz de olvido” singer was stopped by police last August for running a red light in his white SUV and then making a left turn from a right-turn only lane. Officers allegedly found drugs in his car. Prosecutors offered to drop charges if Montero attended a drug rehab program in Mexico, where Fuego en la sangre is shot.