Through his lawyer, the Mexican singer said he's not guilty of the crime; could be heading for rehab
Pablo Montero Mugshot
Credit: Miami-Dade Corrections & Rehabilitation Dept. /

The hearing for the case against Pablo Montero was carried out today in a Miami Court. The singer, who faced charges of imprudent driving and cocaine possession after his Aug. 31 arrest in South Beach, was formally accused of possession of the narcotic.

The also actor, 38, wasn't actually present in the Court, but was represented by his lawyer, Howard M. Srebnick, who in statements confirmed to the press the formal accusations against Óscar Daniel Hernández, Montero's real name, but clarified that “above all, it's important to understand that just because there is a formal accusation, it doesn't mean the person is guilty.”

According to Srebnick, The Florida Attorney General's office put forth a proposal for the artist to check in to a rehabilitation program, “where people with addictions can get help.” Upon finishing the program, the charges would disappear. Nonetheless, it's up to Montero to decide if wants to check into a rehab facility or let the courts determine his fate.

If found guilty in court, the singer could lose his traveling rights in the United States for a period of up to five years.