The Mexican singer accepted the offer to enter a monitoring program instead of going to trial for a cocaine possession charge
Pablo Montero

Pablo Montero accepted the offer to take part in a monitoring program for a year during yesterday's hearing at a Miami court. The Mexican singer will enter the program in lieu of going to trial for a cocaine possession charge stemming from his Aug. 31 arrest in South Beach. By accepting the conditions, the artist will avoid going to jail and losing his traveling rights in the United States.

“I accepted the judge's recommendation to enter a program where they can find out that [my body] is free of all toxic influence. At the same time I inform everyone that the results of my blood tests last week were negative,” explained the 38-year-old singer through a press release.

According to news agency EFE, the program will consist of treatment for substance dependence, individual therapy for a minimum of two hours a week, and twice-weekly drug tests. Montero will also have to supply a hair sample that can be used to check for drug use up to three months back.

“By doing this program once a week, my legal status will not be affected in the United States. I appreciate the opportunity the judge is giving me to move forward with my work, such as concerts and the launch of my disc Mi tesoro norteño. I'm back in my house in Los Angeles, enjoying every second with my baby,” affirmed the also actor.

Montero also said: “I want to thank my family, fans, work team and friends in the media and artistic world who supported me during this judicial process and didn't allow themselves to be steered by the opinions of tabloids.”

The next hearing is scheduled for Nov. 30.