With emotions running high, the Mexican singer climbed on the stage and kissed the Divo de Juárez
Pablo Montero
Credit: cortesía Univision records

Pablo Montero sat in the first row at the Juan Gabriel concert in Chicago. But when he could no longer contain his emotions, he jumped the divider between the audience and the stage. According to a video shown on El gordo y la flaca (Univisión), once on stage, Montero planted a kiss on the cheek of the Divo de Juárez, thanking him for inviting him to the show.

The gesture was returned by Juanga, 57, who fell to his knees and sang to his colleague, 38. When the song was over, Juanga asked for “another kiss,” which sparked an eruption of cheers from the more than 20 thousand audience members. Montero gave his idol a huge hug, and at the request of the onlookers, he gave him another kiss.

Juanga then asked Montero to sing a song, so Montero sang “Háblame de ti” for him. In the middle of the song, the Divo reappeared on the scene with two glasses of wine to finish up the song with his admirer. From then on, it was impossible to tell who was more moved by the situation.

At the end of the spectacle, Montero kissed Juan Gabriel's hand. He then kissed the stage and exited. The “Querida” vocalist continued delighting his public, who never could have imagined having witnessed such a scene.