The Mexican singer was locked up for 48 horas after he failed to pass a drug test that showed traces of cocaine in his system

By People Staff
August 13, 2008 02:00 PM

After being sent to jail on Monday for using cocaine, Pablo Montero asked for a second chance, and that’s exactly what he got, after spending 48 hours in the Turner Guilford Knight correctional facility in Miami-Dade, FL, according to La oreja (Televisa).

Although the state required him to stay in jail for two weeks, the 38-year-old –whose real name isÓscar Daniel Hernandez–, judge Jeffrey Rosinek declared he would be free to go today, assuming Montero had learned his lesson.

Montero’s lawyer Howard Sebrinick said the jail time was not allowing Montero to work –he had to cancel a concert in Los Angeles, and was missing on the set of the soap Fuego en la sangre (Univisión). According to Televisa Espectáculos, the soap’s producer, Salvador Mejía, sent a letter informing the attorneys that they wanted Montero back on set, and that they supported him in his plight.

The “Olvidarte jamás” is expected to travel back to Mexico to be on set, but he’ll have to be tested for drugs three days a week, and his next court date is set for October.