The actor and singer says his son gives him courage on a daily basis

Por People Staff
Updated Abril 09, 2008
Pablo Montero

Pablo Montero says that he turned to drugs while spending long and lonely hours on the road while on tour.

“When you're alone for long periods of time while traveling for concerts, you look for support from people you don't even know. That's how it all starts – when those people get close to you, and you don't even know the people you're spending time with. You're just with them because you're looking for an escape, and you make bad decisions,” he told the Mexican publication Reforma.

Legal problems resulting from his arrest last October for speeding and possession of drugs led the singer to rethink the direction his life was taking. Montero was advised to undergo treatment for drug rehabilitation, prompting him to seek a healthier lifestyle.

In addition to medical treatment, the 38-year-old singer is also receiving support from loved ones and close friends like Vicente Fernández. “He's known me since I was a kid. He's given me advice because he knows about the temptations of a performer's lifestyle and told me that anyone who talks to me about drugs is my enemy. He's been keeping an eye on me, and calls me to see how I'm doing,” Montero said of his friend.

Regarding the possibility of having a relapse, the Fuego en la sangre (Televisa) actor is confident that he has learned his lesson. “I know now what I'm doing. I made a mistake like anyone else, but I think it happened for many reasons. I had a lot of issues, just like everyone, things you've gone through but keep bottled up inside and don't let out,” said Montero, crediting his 7-month-old son Pablo as is his greatest motivation to overcome the addiction. “A sense of duty to my son gives me strength,” he added.