Por Thatiana Diaz
Updated Marzo 25, 2016
Credit: Getty Images

In the summer of 2015, Javier Soto launched MiCrush, the free app for Latinos that let's you meet other Latinos around the world in which you can filter by age, distance and even country of origin for those who prefer to date within their cultural roots. With half-a-million users worldwide, Soto credits the success of the app to our generation's desire for something “more effective than waiting for the wonderful coincidence of the day.” As the digital dating world continues to thrive, we asked Soto what users should do for online-dating success and what they should avoid.


“Your profile must have more than four photos that shows a little of your personality and hobbies. Show yourself and who you are! You can upload a couple with friends or family, but be sure that this isn't the first image that shows on your profile.”


“Be honest about yourself. Give all the information that is relevant for that first impression! Things like what you do, what you study, what you enjoy doing and where you are from. Make sure that your biography highlights your intentions and is like an invitation to meet you.”


“Once you come into contact with that special someone, try to talk as long as possible: this allows the relationship to grow a little before meeting in person. Ask all the questions you normally would on the first date; send funny pictures, voice notes, videos and stickers.”

The First Date:

“Plan for the first date to be in public, choose a location that allows an activity of short time so that if there is no chemistry, you don't feel committed to stay. For example, going for coffee has always been an excellent choice.”

Red Flags:

“If you are looking for a serious relationship and you see the profile of a man or woman who in every picture has little to no clothing or drinking at parties, obviously that person is not the one and they are telling you through their photos.”

MiCrush is free and can be downloaded from Apple and Android devices from anywhere in the world. Available in Spanish, English and Portuguese.