Sabrina Bryan's real last name is Hinojosa. In an interview with us, she dishes about this and her popular trio.

Por People Staff
Updated Septiembre 07, 2007
Cheetah Girls

Don't let her blonde hair and anglo name fool you. Sabrina Bryan from the popular trio The Cheetah Girls is of Hispanic descent!

The stunning 22-year-old recently confessed her real last name is Hinojosa and she changed it to Bryan to honor the name of her little brother, who died as an infant due to a cardiac condition. “I thought using his name was a way that his life could still go on as I prospered as an actress”, she said.

According to Sabrina, her little brother Bryan –whom she never met because he passed away years before she was born– had to have three surgeries because “he had a hole in his heart” and did not survive the operations. “My dad took it really hard when my brother died, he used to dive himself into work, but in the end it pulled them together”, she says of her parents, who have been married for 38 years and live in Orange County, California.

Sabrina's father Alfred, who is 60, is of Mexican-Spaniard descent and her mother Kathy, 57, is American of German and Cherokee heritage. The pop princess says it's tradition to gather at her dad's house on Sundays and eat tamales and her maternal grandmother Armida makes delicious homemade tortillas.

The singer –born in Yorba Linda, California– assures she is proud of her Latin heritage and “never denied it”. In fact, she admits she identifies “so much more” with Hinojosa, last name that appears on all her school records.

Now you know! Adrianne Bailon, of Puerto Rican descent, is not the only Latina in the popular trio, which has a successful clothing line in Sears and will launch its own character dolls this fall, complete with fabulous pop star clothes and tour bus!

“It's so weird and interesting, so surreal to be holding you as a doll. I couldn't believe how much of a likeness they have to us…Mine has my exact smile [and] Adrienne's has her nose!”, the singer gushed.

TCG, the Cheetah Girl's new album, goes on sale September 25th and includes the single “Fuego”, fueled with Latin beats, a whole new twist on Lionel Ritchie's hit “All Night Long”. “Fuego is about letting go, being free, turning up the music and having fun and dancing. We want to shoot the video in Puerto Rico, and have a combination of being in the street [and] letting out a fire hydrant and [recording] some shots on the beach. We'll see if the record labels goes for it”, Sabrina says.

The girls will also launch a Spanish version of the album in 2008, when they will also begin shooting a new movie in India. They will arrive there in January and spend “a couple of weeks” learning about the country's “exotic way of dancing and music”, elements that will be incorporated in the film, influenced by the “Bollywood” craze. Go Cheetahs!