Marco Iván Ruiz filed a suit against the singer, but says that it's her parents who really run the show

By People Staff
Updated October 17, 2008 04:00 PM
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Singer Belinda is in the eye of the hurricane these days, after one of her former dancers has filed a suit, alleging he was wrongfully fired by the singer's parents, who manage her enterprise

“Belinda had no idea what happened. It was her parents who told me to pack my bags and go back to Mexico. They didn't even give me the money to return to my own country, and they gave me no reason at all for why they fired me,” said Marco Iván Ruiz to Mexican TV show La oreja (Televisa), adding that he has nothing against the “Bendita mentira” singer, 19, but he filed suit against her since he was under her employment.

Aside from the suit, the dancer also alleged that the singer's parents are completely manipulating her and exploiting her for all she's worth. They're even in charge of her bank account.

“She works and works, and her parents don't do anything. They just sit pretty in their home without a care in the world,” said the former dancer.

“Everything is controlled by her parents. She even tried to use her credit card once and it was denied, because they've given her a limit. Can you imagine? She works so hard and she can't even spend her own money,” he said.