The heroine of the new James Bond film Quantum of Solace, spoke to us about what it's like to be a Bond girl

By Lena Hansen
Updated November 13, 2008 04:00 PM
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In Quantum of Solace (Sony Pictures), the latest James Bond adventure by director Marc Forster, Ukranian beauty Olga Kurylenko plays Camille, a woman moved by a very personal vendetta. Although Camille possesses an extraordinary and exotic beauty, she is not flawless. She has a scar that tells the story of all she's suffered. In many ways, the feisty Camille is not your typical Bond girl. She is not after romance. What she seeks is revindication. Kurylenko deciphers her character for us:

Camille seems like a different kind of Bond girl. She has a scar on her back and she's after revenge…
"I'm very happy that I did this kind of character. Camille's very different from the others because she's very strong and she's independent. She has her own story in the movie. She exists without Bond. She doesn't need him. She could have just gone for her vendetta by herself. She has a great personality. You could see that she's scarred outside but also inside. It's an emotional scar, an emotional wound that she's carrying because of what's happened to her. That's her motivation, the explanation of everything she's doing in the movie"

What is it like being a Bond girl?
"It feels good! [laughs]. Just the fact that I'm a part of the most awaited movie of the year is great. People are so excited about it. It's the number 22 Bond film. I'm very happy. Believe me, it didn't disappoint me. It's very serious. You learn a lot of things. You prepare for another life. I prepared to be this different person… My character is so feisty. She's looking for revenge. She's angry at people who have done these terrible things to her. It's not my case at all, but you have to realize what it feels like, you have to feel it inside"

How did this opportunity come to you?
"They started casting all over the world for different parts. My agent just called me and said ‘there's this new casting, they're looking for the new Bond girl'. I went to the audition. That was the first one. There were three. After that one I got a call back and I got to go to London and meet the producers and the director. Then I went to the third. I knew I was on the right road, but that didn't mean I was going to be chosen. There were so many girls auditioning."

How was it working and training for the stunts with Daniel Craig?
"He encouraged me a lot. This wasn't a first time for him, but for me it was. I had never been involved with action scenes before. Suddenly I had to go through all this intensive training. Basically I learned another job, to be a stuntwoman. I feel like I can do anything now. You don't want to get hurt but you know you're going to [laughs]. It's just part of the job. Sometimes it's exciting. It was a good challenge for me. You overcome your fears."

What's next for you?
"I'm reading a lot of different projects now and trying to choose the next one. Nothing is confirmed yet, but there are a lot of things coming up. It's about choosing something interesting, something different, something I haven't done before".

Is Daniel Craig a good kisser?
Sure! [laughs and blushes].

Do you think it's better that Bond and Camille don't jump into bed together?
"I think it makes their relationship stronger and also it's very unexpected. You're surprised. It makes my character stronger, it makes their bond stronger. They just don't have time. They are both in moments of their lives where there is just no space for that. He just lost the woman he loved. He's obviously a guy who always loves women, but he's not ready to get into a relationship. And my character, she just wants to get revenge. She's a warrior. She thinks: I'm not ready for romance yet. Maybe in the next one!" [laughs]