Univision's reality show, Nuestra Belleza Latina, has crowned Mexican contestant Alejandra Espinoza

Por People Staff
Updated Mayo 24, 2007
Alejandra Espinoza

Univision's reality show, Nuestra Belleza Latina, has crowned a winner: Mexican contestant Alejandra Espinoza. The 20 year old Tijuana native not only obtained the title of Nuestra Belleza Latina (Our Latin Beauty), but she also will sign a contract which will make her Univision's newest personality, all the while taking home $50,000 in cash, a brand new car and a $40,000-contract to represent a department store, among other prizes.

The show's host, Giselle Blondet was emotional during the finale of the program, which had elements of a beauty pageant with a reality show. “It's very difficult not to get emotional after all we've been through together. I didn't know who the winner was. I didn't want to know who it was because it would have taken away the spontaneity [of the moment]”, Blondet told Peopleenespanol.com after highlighting the winner's best qualities.

“Alejandra has a lot of personality. She's strong. But you also come to realize that she is a sweet girl, that she comes from a really tight-knit family,” said Blondet. “She has also stayed firm in her beliefs within inside the house. If she had a problem with any of the girls, she would say it. Maybe some people accused of her being arrogant, but she's not. She's a beautiful human being.”

In an interview with Peopleenespanol.com, the newly-crowned beauty said she is very proud of her origins and that her family was crucial to her victory. “It was a pleasure to emphasize everything good that my county has [to offer]. Above all, I know that nothing is impossible in life,” Espinoza said. “People always tell me ‘You look like you're sure of yourself, don't let others misinterpret that as arrogance.' My family has made me secure (…) If the public hadn't seen in me the person who they wanted to represent them, I wouldn't have been picked.”

The future looks bright for Espinoza who, before participating in the show, worked as a teller in a currency exchange office. Espinoza, who during the competition shared a mansion in Miami with the other contestants, now will live in an apartment in that city with another finalist (Cuban-born Elizabeth Lopez) and will focus on a career in television and modeling. Best of luck!