The singer presented a lawsuit in Mexico against her stepfather and former manager

By People Staff
December 11, 2007 11:00 AM

The legal battle between Noelia and her stepfather and former manager Topy Mamery continues to forge ahead. While in Mexico promoting her album, the Puerto Rican singer filed a lawsuit against Mamery for sexually abusing her in 2003. This latest legal action comes not long after Mamery, in Puerto Rico, accused his stepdaughter and her boyfriend, Jorge Reynoso, of slander.

The 30-year-old singer filed the suit in Mexico because that was supposedly where the abuse took place. According to statements from Noelia, Mamery – the husband of Noelia’s mother, Yolandita Monge – invited his stepdaughter to a concert for Ricardo Montaner, also represented by her stepfather at that time. While at the hotel, Noelia, Mamery and Montaner’s family were all on an elevator together at one point. Allegedly, when the Montaners got off the elevator, Noelia followed Mamery to his room to collect some money that he owed her, and the abuse took place there.

Reynoso, who is also Noelia’s current manager, admitted on the show Al rojo vivo (Telemundo) that his girlfriend underwent psychiatric treatment as a result of the abuse. When asked why she waited four years to take legal action, Reynoso explained that the singer didn’t have the strength or moral support like she does now with him. He also mentioned that Mamery is obsessed with Noelia.

As part of the legal process, Montaner and his wife will be asked to testify about Noelia and Mamery’s behavior that night in the hotel elevator. According to Reynoso, Montaner has said that his former representative was holding Noelia’s hand that night as if she were his girlfriend, but she had a terrified look on her face. This information hasn’t been confirmed by the Venezuelan singer.

An anonymous source told the show that Noelia said this of the lawsuit: “Just presenting this lawsuit will make me the object of scrutiny. It will surely have a negative affect on my career.” Reynoso’s girlfriend supposedly added, “I’m willing to ruin my career so that the world knows who he is and to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.”

Al rojo vivo managed to contact Mamery via telephone. Faced with the accusations, he defended himself: “I don’t have any problem. It’s odd that they’re going as far as Mexico. It’s a circus, there’s nothing serious about this. This is ridiculous. I repeat, it’s a circus, which is really popular these days.”