The singer is very happy after a judge rejected the demands of her stepfather, TOPY Mamery, who accused her of defamation

Por People Staff
Updated Junio 18, 2008
Noelia y Topy Mamery

After learning that the she wouldn't have to pay her stepfather, Topy Mamery, for defamation after she accused him of distributing a sex video of her, the singer Noelia said the decision was a blessing from God.

“I hoped that God would have a hand in this ruling, because when the truth is on someone's side, you always have faith that the wrong will be made right,” said the Puerto Rican, 30, during a press conference held at her apartment in Brickell, FL.

Last week, a judge in Puerto Rico dismissed the claim brought by the husband of Yolandita Monge, ensuring that there was insufficient evidence to show that the singer of “Candela” and her partner, Jorge Reynoso, acted in bad faith, and added that the case was just family drama that had been made public.


Noelia's stepfather not only denied that he was responsible for exposing the intimate video, in which the singer appeared with her former boyfriend, rapper Jamil, but also demanded a compensation of $ 15 million and accused Jorge Reynoso of having committed the heinous act.