A judge dismissed a lawsuit presented by a screenwriter who claimed Jennifer Lopez was guilty of plagiarism.

Por People Staff
Updated Mayo 01, 2008
Jennifer Lopez

A judge at the U.S. District Court in Manhattan paid no attention on Wednesday to a lawsuit presented by scriptwriter Jack Bunick, who claimed Jennifer López had allegedly tried to steal his idea for a TV show.

According to the Associated Press, Bunick argued that the TV series South Beach that aired in January of 2006 and was produced by the 38-year-old singer, was too similar to the plot of a 1999 pilot episode he wrote for a show tentatively titled South Beach Miami. The lawsuit also named UPN, which briefly aired the series South Beach –that was later cancelled–, and CBS Television, among others, as defendants.

South Beach was about two friends who left Brooklyn to move to sunny Miami and start a new life. Bunick said his script contained similar elements about the South Beach night club and modeling scene. However Judge Richard Berman concluded that there wasn't a strong enough case to go to trial. He added that there was “powerful evidence” South Beach had been the sole creation of the defendants.

The lawyer representing Marc Anthony's wife, said that although López was the executive producer of the series, she wasn't very involved in the process of developing the script, and had joined the project in the final stages in order to lend her “celebrity status to the show.”