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November 26, 2007 05:00 PM

When Niurka Marcos celebrated her 40th birthday last weekend, she took the opportunity to tell the press when she thought of a comment made by her ex, Juan Osorio.

The telenovela producer, 50, recently said that the Cuban singer and actress was his worst creation, and she didn’t hesitate to respond. “He’s not the product of any talent,” Marcos quipped. “He uses talent and then profits from the success. He should shut his mouth…He lives in a world where he’s trying to make other Niurkas, and there’s only one Niurka,” she added.

“I’m not anyone’s creation, I’m the creation of an art school in Cuba,” the La fea más bella actress added.

When asked about Osorio’s relationship with their child, Marcos explained: “It’s been three years since Juan gave his son a dime. Since he got married he doesn’t see him and doesn’t want to. On two or three occasions he’s called him, the boy got excited, packed a bag, and then [his dad] never came to get him.”

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