A camera captured Yanixán kissing a young woman in a restaurant; him and Niurka say it's a doctored video

Por People Staff
Updated Septiembre 03, 2008

Niurka Marcos seems to be a magnet for scandals, because Escándalo TV (Telefutura) recently captured her husband Yanixán, kissing another woman at a restaurant in Mexico City.

Only one day after the 40-year-old actress denied rumors of separating from her husband, the young Cuban was caught on camera kissing another woman, whispering sweet nothings into her ear, and putting his palm on her back as they were hailing a taxi.

Despite the video, the actor, who stars in the musical Piel caliente said he didn't know what that video is about, and thinks it was either doctored or made to frame him.

In the meantime, Niurka also denied that the video was real. The couple married last year, and although there have been rumors suggesting they might separate, Marcos assured (before seeing the video) that “everything is peachy keen,” and she's having the best time of her life.